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Purchase a Wendy House- Cape Town

Interested in buying a wendy house? Cape Town locals can now find wendy houses for sale at some of the lowest wendy house prices in the low cost housing industry. We at Greystone Trading CC are experts in all aspects of wendy houses, Cape Town carports, Nutec houses, Vibracrete walls, Cape Town paving services and pre-cast concrete walls.

So, what exactly is a wendy house (Cape Town)? A wendy house is named after the character of Wendy Darling in J.M Barrie’s play ‘Peter Pan’. A wendy house is usually used as a small play house for children and is large enough for one or more children to enter. Size and solidity of wendy houses for sale can vary from a toddler-high cheap and cheerful plastic kit to something resembling a small garden shed. Usually there is one room, a doorway with a window on either side, and little or no furniture other than that which the children improvise.

Nowadays, wendy houses (Cape Town) are commonly used as low cost housing- especially in South Africa. For the best wendy houses Cape Town has ever seen, be sure to come straight to Greystone Trading CC!

We also offer an array of other low cost housing options including Nutec houses, Vibracrete houses and zinc sheet houses. With the current economic situation we face in South Africa, budgets are often stretched - this is why we at Greystone Trading CC offer a variety of low cost housing options. From Nutec Houses to Vibratec Houses/Vibratec walls (Cape Town), we have everything that you are looking for and more.

Wendy House Prices

Our wendy house prices are simply unbeatable. In fact, our wendy house prices are so low, they give the term ‘low cost housing’ a whole new meaning!

Our adorable wendy houses for sale are offered in a fabulous assortment of sizes and wendy house prices. We have years of knowledge and expertise in this industry and, as your partners, we will advise you correctly when acquiring a new wendy house. Cape Town is where we are situated, and this is where we offer our services too. If you are located in the Cape Town area, why not pay us a visit and take a look at our wendy houses for sale. Our wendy house prices will be sure to impress even the tightest of purse strings!

Not only are our wendy house prices a steal, but our paving prices and carport prices are also unmissable! Finding low carport prices can be quite a hassle if you do not know where to go. This is why we are glad to inform you that we have the best carport prices, wendy house prices and paving prices you will find this side of the Sahara.

So, take advantage of our wendy house prices! Be sure to purchase your wendy house (Cape Town) right here at Greystone Trading CC! Contact us now.


Author: Bianca Marie Delport